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About Course

Vocabulary is the single most important factor in getting your Band Score above 7.

In the Vocabulary Booster Module you will:

  • learn the most essential vocab to get you a higher score in all areas
  • quickly build your vocabulary knowledge by focusing on collocations
  • constantly review the vocabulary so that it ‘sticks’
  • actively use the vocabulary in the integrated writing and speaking tasks built in to the programme

Each lesson focuses on one IELTS topic and includes practice for EACH skill plus a Revision video and quiz, worksheet booklet, word formation booklet and my mindmaps.

What Will You Learn?

  • 1. You will be able to develop a wide array of diversified vocabulary and use these to enhance your band score.
  • 2. You will be able to learn Synonyms for commonly used words
  • 3. You will learn Idioms and phrases, their meaning and how to use them in your writing and speaking tests
  • 4. You will understand Phrasal Verbs with explanations
  • 5. Enhance your understanding of Prepositions and their uses

Course Content

Day 1: Farming/Agriculture

Day 2: Nature

Day 3: Wildlife

Day 4: Pollution

Day 5: Recycling

Day 6: Water

Day 7: Tourism

Day 8: Housing

Day 9: Buildings

Day 10: Cities

Day 11: Development

Day 12: Civilisation

Day 13: Transport

Day 14: Crime

Day 15: Family

Day 16: Personality

Day 17: Gender

Day 18: Happiness

Day 19: Health

Day 20: Leisure

Day 21: Finance

Day 22: Education

Day 23: Languages

Day 24: The Arts

Day 25: Technology

Day 26: Research

Day 27: Inventions

Day 28: The Future