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IELTS.ID offers comprehensive online learning, which can be accessed via any internet connection from anywhere in the world. This platform provides students with instruction by some of the top intructurs worldwide. Online learning enables students greater flexibility and convenience when it comes to studying and completing coursework, and encourages innovative, original thinking.


You can earn a Course Certificate.It will proof if you completed and passed the course. In order to get a Course Certificate, you must:

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IELTS.ID is the Education Revolution! It is the first IELTS Education Platform from Indonesia to the world. Free online Course dedicated to opening access to better life aspecially for higher education globally.


IELTS.ID doesn’t charge for online courses, course materials, or annual enrollment. but we give you option to take premium courses to get an exclusive service.


IELTS.ID is a 100% online Course. Control your schedule by studying anytime and anywhere you want - at home, work, or even on the move.


Our material, instructurs from around the world.


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Be humble. Be teachable. The universe is bigger than your view of the universe. There's always room for a new idea that come with new place, new culture, and new language.

Riska Ayu Purnamasari, P.hD

Tsukuba University - Japan

Belajar IELTS itu tiket untuk dapet beasiswa. Selagi kita punya tiket, kita bisa pergi kemana aja. So, yuk semangat belajar IELTS!

Adi Surya Ikhsan, M.Sc

Cukurova University, Turkey; Autonomous Universiy of Barcelona, Spain

Mastering english allow us to actually broaden aur world

Deslaknyo Wisnu Hanjagi, M.Sc

Wageningen University - The Netherlands

IELTS opens the world for me and embracing me to have a worldwide impact on every work I do

Erwin Fajar, MSc

Wageningen University - The Netherlands

IELTS opens the world's gate in which you can find plentiful opportunities and adventures

Ferry D. Putra, LLM

Radboud University, The Netherlands

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