IELTS Grammar

In the IELTS test, the grammar is given a separate score for both writing and speaking categories. Your ability to use correct and appropriate grammar and the range at which the type of sentences are framed is assessed. You need to have a good understanding of the IELTS grammar in order to score well in the IELTS examination. You need to carefully review the explanation and also prepare for IELTS grammar. In order to know more about IELTS grammar make sure you bookmark this page and attend the page on a regular basis.

ielts grammar

Importance of Grammar in the Reading section of IELTS:

Grammar is essential for the proper understanding of the reading passage. Grammar becomes critical when answering questions in the reading section.

For eg: The question may be: Jack and Jim ………………………………… and you may be asked to write the answer in not more than three words.

Jack and Jim met at the airport -> correct usage
Jack and Jim met in the airport -> wrong usage

In the above example, the preposition plays a vital role in your scores and  the article “the”.

Jack and Jim met at airport -> wrong usage
Jack and Jim met at the airport -> correct usage

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Importance of Grammar in the Speaking section of IELTS:

While speaking, you are unconsciously letting the examiner know, of your command over the language. Grammar is important for the proper formation of sentences. For example, most pronouns precede a noun. But there are exceptions as in:

I and my friend worked on project X -> wrong usage
My friend and I worked on project X -> right usage 

These are minute things which you may overlook. When you say “I and my friend”, you will create a very bad impression with the examiner and eventually be marked low.

Importance of Grammar in the Writing section of IELTS:

Grammar plays a very important role in writing. You must pay great attention to the tenses, verbs, direct and indirect speech.

For example:
Rose plants need water.
Rose plant needs water.

In both the above cases, the verb is in agreement with the subject. If your essay or letter or description of diagram does not contain this minimal level of correctness, you will end up with poor scores.

Importance of Grammar in the Listening section of IELTS:

For listening section, you need to have good command over the language for understanding the audio played. Also good grammar is required for answering the questions correctly. You may be tricked while completing summaries/notes.

For example: The Question may be: When do they usually meet? ………… and you may be asked to write the answer in not more than TWO words.

Tuesdays -> Wrong usage
In Tuesdays -> Wrong usage
At Tuesdays -> Wrong usage 
On Tuesdays -> Right usage

The preposition “on” plays a vital role here. Though “Tuesdays” may be right, it should be preceded by a preposition “On” to make it as the correct answer. Also you should choose the correct preposition.